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Lyon Part Dieu Taxi

Your chauffeured Service in Lyon

transfer Lyon part dieu train station

Are you looking for a Lyon Part Dieu taxi or VTC? When arriving or departing from Lyon, several travelers choose to leave from Part Dieu station. Indeed, the Lyon-Part-Dieu train station is located in the La Part-Dieu district in the heart of France in the middle of the Rhône valley. Getting to and finding your way around this station, which handles international, national and regional traffic, is not easy. Which makes it the leading European station by the number of connecting passengers.

By taxi, it links the major economic centers of the region in around 30 minutes. In fact, right in the administrative center of Lyon, the Lyon-Part-Dieu train station is also nearby and Lyon airports, namely Bron airport and Saint Exupéry airport, but also cities like Ecully, Dardilly, Décine, Chassieux, Saint-Fons and Vénissieux. It is thus one of the first busiest stations apart from the Parisian stations

Are you Leaving?

you have finished your appointment. is it time to go home? or are you going on vacation or on a mission? Lyon Part Dieu Taxi and VTC advise you on the right time to leave your departure address. A simple phone call is enough to book your taxi. Your satisfaction is our barometer. In fact, the more information we have, the more complete and efficient we are.

Help us to better organize your trip. The driver drops you off in the drop-off car park located at the alpe exit of the station. It can also drop you off at the station’s paying car park, located under the latter, in bad weather, or in special situations such as the number of luggage or a baby on board. On request, the driver will assist you with your luggage to your platform. thank you to stipulate it at the reservation because this service is paying.

Are you coming?

The Lyon-Part-Dieu station has ten (10) tracks that accommodate passenger trains (from A to J). An eleventh (11th), track K does not have a platform. As a result, this route is only used for freight traffic. Passenger trains are then distributed over eleven (11) tracks instead of ten (10). This gives more flexibility in traffic management, especially in the event of incidents.
VTC and Taxi Lyon Part Dieu the unique Trustline transport service follows you during your journey. the driver will welcome you as soon as you arrive in the Lyon Part Dieu station at level K. Indeed, track K is located next to the only Starbucks coffee. Our driver will meet you there with a sign in hand with your name on it. It already stands out for its friendliness and know-how. He takes care of the rest of the formalities for you.

Taxi Standard

from 15€

Taxi Van Lyon

from 40€

Prestige Taxi

from 30€

How to book a Lyon Part Dieu Taxi?

To book a Lyon Part Dieu Taxi or VTC, nothing could be simpler. We highly recommend Trustline to book a VTC or taxi at the station. It is the assurance of having a mastered price and an incomparable service. We hold the market and field watch. So, whether you are alone, accompanied by a child or have a special requirement, we personally process each request in order to respond precisely to your expectations. So at Trustline, each customer is a unique destiny.
  To do this, a form is available in the contact tab for reservations or you can also do it directly by phone call. As you can imagine, your safety and comfort are our priority at Trustline.
Our advisers are also available and follow you step by step from the start until you reach your destination.


The Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu is the only recent example of the construction of a large passenger station in an important city in the Western world. The services around Part-Dieu station are of all kinds, including:
– Automatic cash dispensers: They are right on sight at the exit of the station.

–Restaurants: The Lyon-Part-Dieu district has the ten (10) best restaurants in France. Like other restaurants, we have the Comptoir des Cousins, the Brasserie Jullien, the Bao Time…. Please also note that these restaurants are fully at your service. They offer you a very varied menu as soon as possible.

–Shops and galleries: Lyon-Part-Dieu also welcomes you with its many galleries. You will find everything you need for your shopping, from children’s fashion and ready-to-wear to sports equipment and perfumery. These shops are located at the foot of the escalators leading to the different routes.

You want to do your shopping on your daily route. These different services are open from 5 am to 10 pm and 7 days / 7 days.

In addition, these restaurants and shops are of a very high standard. Their services are similar to those of some major airports around the world. The entire passenger information system is adapted to the new developments. It offers the latest technologies.

-Train ticket vending machines are available and a traditional counter service.

– Assistance to persons: for possible cases of danger, an assistance service is available and accessible at all times around Part-Dieu station.

The road time varies enormously depending on the peak hours. So, you can take approximately 27 minutes to 1 hour to connect Lyon Part Dieu to the airport. Our staff will advise you on the ideal time to leave depending on your flight or train. We are available and at your service.

Trustline included in the price is a price for waiting drivers at the station. is included a wait that can last nearly thirty (30) minutes. This can happen during a possible train delay. This allows the driver to wait for you. However, do not hesitate to communicate quickly to the driver if there is a possible change in train arrival time because beyond even the thirty (30) minutes delay provided by Trustline, you have to reorganize the timetable of the drivers. Thanks to the SNCF application, our driver follows the train route in real time. This will allow him to reorganize his timetable accordingly.

VTC and Taxi Lyon by Trustline has several car seats cleaned and disinfected after each use. When booking your taxi at Trustline for the airport, we recommend that you stipulate your need based on your age. So our driver will come with the necessary equipment for this purpose.

LyonTaxi by Trustline kindly requests you to point out a few points to this effect such as for example telling us at your reservation the number of luggage you have and the number of people you are. So we will send you the range of cars that meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our barometer. In fact, the more information we have the more we provide a complete and efficient service. Help us to better organize your trip.